Iro Kleitou

Integrity Talent Management Group is proud to introduce 27 year-old artist, and Cyprus native, Iro Kleitou. Iro is an accomplished acoustic pop artist, classically trained pianist, singer, songwriter, musical theater performer, and she’s a multi-instrumentalist that possesses a unique, edgy, and beautiful voice – reminiscent of Avril Lavigne – that impressed the judges and audience on the reality TV series, “Rising Stars Greece (RSG) 2017.” Iro earned her B.A. in Music (with honors) in Northern Wales and has augmented her studies in musical theatre while in London.

When Iro competed in RSG 2017, she made it to the final round of two contestants. Since then, Iro has toured locally in Cyprus, becoming a Cypriot fan favorite, playing in several other live performances in a duo band called “Con Amici.” As a solo artist, Iro performed at the “PreAcoustic Festival” in Limassol, on the southern coast of Cyprus. Iro also toured in Greece, London, and Bahrain which included a solo performance in “Nightmare Before Christmas” in Manama.

Iro took part as an actor in, “Tall Mountains,” in January 2018. In September 2018, she wrote all of the music for the show, “Ntenekedoupoli” or “Tin City,” at the Kipria Theatre Festival, where she performed all of her music LIVE. Iro believes in helping youth and volunteers much of her time teaching students music, musical theatre, dance, and drama at the Periklis Foundation She also created a series of children’s music videos called the “Twinkles” at

Iro is currently focused on the release of her first EP – most notably her debut single and video, “What Do We Live For?” (#WhatDoWeLiveFor) The music video was released on November 16th 2018, on all streaming media platforms. Iro rounded out her resume by uploading professionally produced videos of her singing cover songs on her YouTube channel. For the full playlist of her cover song videos and more information about Iro visit

Iro is a supreme cultural ambassador as well as a performer. She sincerely enjoys collaborating with other musicians around the globe because it opens up opportunities to gain and share mutual knowledge, creative experiences, and artistic ideas. Iro is passionate about developing as an individual artist so that she may create distinctive songs that directly speak to the hearts, emotions, and souls of every audience.